Meet the Xakia team: Adrian Hofman

Our Tech Lead, Adrian has a passion for complex problem solving and working on innovative matter management solutions. Read on to find out more!


Adrian Hofman

Job title

Tech Lead

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience

As a software engineer, I have always been driven by my passion for complex problem solving. It's a passion that dates back to my childhood, when I first started hacking away in BASIC on dad's computer. Little did I know back then that it would shape my career in the future. After completing university, I embarked on a journey that took me into the exciting world of console video games. I got to work on those immersive and entertaining experiences for several years. As life took its own course, I made a significant shift in my career by transitioning into corporate software engineering, and here I am at Xakia, making our matter management system better than it was yesterday.

Why Legaltech and Xakia?

The answer lies in the realm of legal technology, a space that is currently undergoing a remarkable wave of innovation. Xakia's legal matter management software stands at the forefront of this innovation, and it's an exhilarating place to be. We're not just pushing the boundaries; we're defining them. And of course, not to forget - we get to wear some really cool T-shirts! 😎 

Fun fact about you

In Year 11 at high school, I hacked the school network.

If you were to title your autobiography, what would it be?

 The title of my autobiography would be "I can't believe you are considering buying this book"👀

My Xakia tip

If you have an integration set up to an external document management system (DMS), you can force a matter to refresh its link to the DMS by making a trivial change to the matter and saving. For example, add a space to the description field and save.

The best legal matter management software trusted by in-house legal teams

Don't just take Adrian's word for it. 😉

Take Xakia's award-winning legal operations software for a test drive today. Get in touch with our friendly team for a demo or sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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