Internal Client Portal

Give your internal clients incredible visibility across their legal requests allowing information centralization & status updates

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Collaborate with your internal clients


Visibility and transparency are critical requirements to the in-house Legal Department / Client relationship.

With Xakia’s Internal Client Portal, your clients will have complete visibility across all their legal requests. No more dealing with time consuming emails prompting for client updates – you can opt to share matters and status notes with them as required.

How does an internal client portal help?

  • Eliminates time consuming requests for updates
  • Focuses your energy where it makes an impact (resolving the legal issues!)
  • Clearly identifies legal request status, lead practitioner, expected completion dates and status updates
  • Provides improved service for clients, creating genuine satisfaction and loyalty

Legal Department Reporting

Xakia 4-min demo video

Xakia gives us the ability to visualize where our legal team is investing its time and effort, and enables us to easily and graphically demonstrate our value add to the business.

Xakia to us is not just a data collection tool, but is a way for us to define our key metrics, and measure how we’re tracking against those metrics in real time. It’s added a new dimension to our ability to focus on key objectives, and to identify things we can stop doing as well as the areas we need to focus more on.

- Vocus Group

You can transition to a virtual
Legal Department in just one hour.

With Xakia, your in-house legal team can:
Receive, triage and assign work
Monitor workloads & deadlines
Automate reports & dashboards

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Free 30 Day Trial