Legal Department Dashboards & Reports

Easy-to-read, interactive dashboards and reports enable effective and efficient resourcing decisions. 

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Empowerment through data-driven insights

Xakia interactive dashboards and reportings

Clear, reliable data at your fingertips is critical to running a healthy and profitable Legal Department.

Whether you need to deep dive into the detail or stay high level, Xakia's real-time analytics enable you to effectively manage your team's capacity, budget and clearly communicate with your clients. Data is presented in easy-to-read dashboards, enabling you to prioritize mission-critical projects and identify process efficiencies.

Make informed, data-driven decisions without spreadsheets - Xakia automates the entire data collection, crunching, and visualization process.

How can Dashboards & Reports help me?

Powerful analytics and interactive dashboards and reports
  • Provide quick, visual understanding of critical Legal Department data points
  • Be client-centric and prioritize accordingly
  • Easily identify and plug efficiency gaps
  • Report to key stakeholders with confidence
  • Make decisions informed by solid data
  • Manage and track success of specific initiatives

Legal Data Analytics for Beginners

Xakia 4-min demo video

Xakia provides us with real time visibility on the workload and competing priorities of our legal department. We have found it to be a critical tool for resource allocation purposes and optimizing team efficiencies.

One of the greatest challenges facing any in-house legal department is how to effectively demonstrate “value” to the broader business through imperical data. Xakia enables us to numerically substantiate how the legal team actively contributes towards the company’s strategic goals and key metrics. 

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Transition to a virtual Legal Department
in < 1 hour

With Xakia you can:
Receive, triage and assign work
Monitor workloads & deadlines
Automate reports & dashboards

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