Legal Intake & Triage

Easy to use for clients and lawyers; swiftly match legal resources with incoming legal requests via our ticketing & triage system.

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Legal intake, ticketing & triage streamlines delivery and outcomes


For your clients, legal intake is the first impression of your service; for your Legal Department, legal intake, ticketing & triage is the first step in a streamlined matter process. 

Xakia’s ticketing and triage system allows you to receive work and quickly match the appropriate resource with the request and then keep your clients well informed.

No more back and forth with multiple questions that delay projects and turnaround time. This streamlined workflow ensures a better user experience for both the internal business client and in-house legal team.

How can Legal Intake & Triage software help?

Legal Intake and Triage Software
  • Empowers in-house clients to seek online assistance with dynamic, customized forms
  • Ensures all requests are assigned - nothing falls through the cracks
  • Saves time by collecting key information upfront
  • Avoids data duplication in matter management 
  • Ensures efficient and effective resource matching
  • Allows you to manage client expectations and gives clients visibility
  • Transition from the emergency hotline to an efficient ticketing system

Legal Internal Client Portal

Internal Client Portal

Collaboration between corporate legal team and internal clients goes beyond receiving instructions.  

Once you have streamlined receipt of instructions, ongoing collaboration between your legal team and your internal clients is the next step.

Xakia's internal client portal will ensure that your clients can access a secure portal to submit, track, update and collaborate on matters with ease. 

Legal Intake & Triage

Xakia 4-min demo video

Xakia has given us much-needed visibility over the full range of legal instructions that our team is asked to assist with.  We are now able to allocate legal instructions in a manner that aligns with expertise, capacity, and providing growth opportunities for our team.

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Transition to a virtual Legal Department
in < 1 hour

With Xakia you can:
Receive, triage and assign work
Monitor workloads & deadlines
Automate reports & dashboards

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