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About Xakia

Meet the team: Nolan O'Connor

We're excited to welcome Nolan O'Connor to the Xakia family. He has a deep understanding of the pain points experienced by in-house legal teams and...

About Xakia

Meet the team: Natalie O'Connor

Nat is our fantastic Customer Success Manager based in the APAC region. Nat assists in house legal teams to navigate and optimize their use of Xakia.

About Xakia

Meet the team: Brandon Spencer

Meet Brandon our VP of Sales in North America. He has a passion for LegalTech and is dedicated to helping in-house legal teams of all sizes. Read on...

About Xakia

Meet the team: Dan Wales

Meet Dan our VP in the EMEA region. His entrepreneurial spirit led him straight to Xakia and we couldn’t be happier to have his involvement.

About Xakia

Meet the team: Margo Harris

Margo Harris is one of Xakia’s amazing Customer Success Managers, located in EMEA! She has over 25 years of technology experience and a passion for...

About Xakia

Meet the team: Jillian Watkins

Jillian Watkins is one of Xakia's fantastic Customer Success Managers! Jillian is passionate about helping people solve problems and build better...

About Xakia

Meet the team: Richard Conway

Meet Richard Conway, Chief Operating Officer at Xakia. Richard is a lawyer with a passion for figuring out ways to do legal work better. Read on to...

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