Syneos Health Case Study

Megan Isaacson, Legal Operations Manager at Syneos Health, needed a saner approach to legal intake and triage.

Megan Isaacson, Legal Operations Manager at Syneos Health wanted to save her in-house lawyers administrative time and hassle and improve service and turnaround time for the company’s business clients. Xakia’s legal intake and triage tool was a win-win solution for both companies.

The challenge

The Syneos Health legal team had created shared email accounts and directed business clients to submit requests there. In addition to the logistical challenges with this approach, Megan saw the system as a threat to the team’s overall strategic goal of hiring and retaining talented and skilled attorneys.

“Having really intelligent, skilled strategic thinkers doing administrative tasks or trying to figure out the heads or tails of an email chain is not a good use of their time.”

The approach

Megan researched and demoed several legal operations software, but chose Xakia.

“The real differentiator for us was the intake component and the ability to have dashboards and metrics,” she said. “Xakia was really the only out-of-the-box solution that offered both of those things.”


  • The in-house legal team has been liberated from messy email management
  • All the necessary information they need is completed in their legal intake form

Read the Syneos Health case study here to learn more.

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