Legal Matter Management Software

Track all your legal matters in one clear, central location.

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Legal Matter Management Software


Managing hundreds or thousands of new legal matters every year?

The challenge for every General Counsel is to see through the 'noise' and remain in control of what’s happening across your Legal Department.

Xakia’s legal matter management software aggregates all your legal matters in one clear, secure, searchable and central location.

Assess and report outcomes to your key stakeholders with confidence.

How does Legal Matter Management Software help?

Xakia Legal Matter Management Software
  • Improves team collaboration with a single source of truth
  • Role and task assignments become second nature
  • Provides immediate access to critical data
  • Enter matters in < 60 seconds - gifts back time so you can focus on priorities
  • Encourages a happy team who are informed and feel in control of their daily workload

Document Management

Document Management

Matters and documents go hand in glove. Whether you want an in-built document management solution, or already use SharePoint, G-Suite, NetDocuments or iManage, Xakia provides a clean, easy solution to:

  • connect matters and documents seamlessly
  • search, preview and work with key documents
  • receive documents from clients and store within your matter in seconds


Legal document management needs are unique, but working within a broader organization requires flexibility. Xakia offers a range of document solutions.

Contract Management

Contract Management

Do away with spreadsheets and track key contract information in a structured, intentional manner that puts your legal team in control. Xakia's Contract Log includes:

  • key clauses, jurisdiction, value and other metadata
  • key contract dates and reminders
  • link to parties, documents and matters
  • real-time interactive dashboard


Stay up to date with key reporting right out-of-the-box, and the ability to configure custom reports to suit your needs.

Dispute Management

Dispute Log

Capture information about each dispute to fully manage your risk profile for informed decision making. Xakia's Dispute Log includes:

  • class action, limitation periods, parties
  • key financial information including claim amounts, at risk and insurance coverage
  • proceeding information (multi-stage)
  • full analytics and reporting


Recognise patterns in your dispute data with real-time interactive dashboard, helping you to proactively manage your organization's risk profile.

Legal Operations Overview

Xakia 4-min Demo Video

Xakia makes my job easier with not having to run analyses through spreadsheets. It does it all for me. The detail behind it allows met to justify additional outside counsel spend, show matters that deserve more attention, or highlight legal needs that weren't present three months ago.

- Calendly

Transition to a virtual Legal Department
in < 1 hour

With Xakia you can:
Receive, triage and assign work
Monitor workloads & deadlines
Automate reports & dashboards

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