Legal Reporting: Observations from Consero's Healthcare GC Forum 2023

The desire among Healthcare GCs for legal teams to become a strategic (and valued) partner to the business was paramount. Legal reporting is key.

Members of the Xakia team, Anne Post (CEO - North America) and Nolan O'Connor (SVP Sales β€” North America) enjoyed their time at the 2023 Consero Healthcare General Counsel Forum in La Quinta, California. We appreciated the opportunity to network, engage, and learn from industry experts. We hope fellow attendees found the conference as useful and informative as the Xakia team did.

In particular, Anne and Nolan found the Knowledge Bridge roundtable – Best-In-Class Legal Reporting – to be a highlight, noting it was an excellent opportunity for them to hear from the Healthcare industry about their current practices and pain points on legal reporting.

From our discussion with the 40+ attendees at our Legal Reporting roundtable, together with 1:1 meetings with General Counsel at Consero, it was clear that the desire for in-house Legal Departments to become a strategic (and valued) partner to the business was paramount.

Consero 2023 - legal reporting roundtable

Key observations from the 2023 Consero Healthcare General Counsel Forum

Key takeaways about corporate in-house Legal Departments and the Healthcare industry:

The need to modernize

The Healthcare Industry has an appetite to modernize its legal operations. πŸ’ͺ

Increase efficiency

The industry is eager to find in house legal software solutions that will help organize your legal teams and drive efficiencies to assist with the extraordinary (and growing) workload. ⚑

Legal budgets

Pressure on legal budgets is a consistent theme. There is no room for expensive legal technology in finding solutions. πŸ’°

It's important to demonstrate value

Clear articulation of Legal Department value will help to build a business case for further resourcing. πŸ“ˆ

Risk management

In-house legal teams are expressing a fear of "missing something" given the avalanche of legal work coming their way, raising both stress levels and corporate risk. πŸ™€

A better way for legal intake & triage

The appetite for a systemized way of receiving, reviewing and returning legal requests to the business in a timely manner was high. It is clear that the Healthcare industry is feeling the productivity pinch, particularly as legal resources come under significant pressure to meet the highly regulated industry needs.

Best-In-Class Legal Reporting Roundtable

If you were unable to attend the Knowledge Bridge, we covered:

  • Legal reporting – why is it important?
  • What are the components of legal reporting?
  • Who are your audiences?
  • How do you match the components of reporting to the right audience?

best-in-class legal reporting - white paper downloadCheck out our Best-in-Class Legal Reporting White Paper to help you during your journey to making your in-house Legal Department the most valued team in the business.


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