Xakia and iManage - the perfect legal file

Xakia integrates with iManage for a seamless legal matter management workflow - it's the perfect wrapper to the documents on a legal matter.

Your in-house legal team use iManage to wrestle documents and emails, so you have leading legal document management software – check. But you’re missing something – a place to track all your legal work for visibility over legal requests, deadlines, and capacity. To perfectly complement your document management system, you need legal matter management software.

Xakia’s legal operations software integrates with iManage document management to provide Legal Departments with a seamless workflow from legal request through legal documents and to legal data analytics and reporting.

Cloud based legal software has replaced the old-style manila folder, but the metaphor is useful here:

  • Your legal documents and correspondence are critical to the negotiation and resolution of a legal issue and must be stored in a central, easily searchable and secure location. iManage already helps your in-house legal function achieve that goal
  • The details of legal matter management need to be captured with your legal documents, so that any member of your team – today or some time in the near or far future – can quickly understand the commercial and legal context, the issues at stake, the parties involved, the path to completion and the final resolution

Xakia and iManage integration

Imagine the manila folder that included all this information, on the front of the folder or on the inside cover, now replaced with a cloud based and secure legal matter management software that seamlessly integrates with iManage – the perfect wrapper to the documents on a legal matter.

Xakia legal matter management software has an out-of-the-box integration with iManage that allows in-house Legal Departments to:

  • Receive work requests from their internal clients
  • Automatically create an iManage workspace configured to match the needs of the team and the matter type
  • Push documents received through legal intake to iManage
  • Push data to iManage for seamless mapping, including matter number and name, category, division and more
  • Push access permissions to iManage for security over confidential information
  • Access the relevant iManage workspace instantly

Xakia’s integration with iManage includes a wide range of optionality including:

  • Workspaces can be automatically created or new matters can be linked to existing workspaces
  • Documents can be retained in the legal intake request, or automatically purged on a timetable
  • Leveraging the iManage templates functionality, to ensure that the file structure matches the category of work being done

The Xakia and iManage integration work seamlessly from your Outlook inbox too. You can create a matter from your inbox, and rest easy knowing that an iManage matter will be created and you can work with your emails and documents without ever leaving your inbox.

If you have iManage document management for your in-house legal team, you will love the Xakia legal matter management tool as the perfect complement for your end-to-end Legal Department needs. No more searching for the legal file details!

Xakia and iManage work hand-in-hand

If you would like to learn more about Xakia's matter management software and how the iManage integration works, get in touch with the friendly team today for a demo.

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