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Measuring Legal Tech ROI

Measuring ROI may seem pretty straight-forward, but with legal technology, this can get a little nebulous. Read our blog to find out how you can...

Legal Tech

Legal Tech and Small Departments

Legaltech isn’t just for large legal departments. Learn how three small in-house legal teams deployed technology to find efficiency and time savings.

Legal Tech

Make your CIO Happy

As you explore legal tech solutions, it’s imperative to get buy-in from your IT department. You are more likely to succeed if you understand the IT...

Legal Tech

Faster Horses

Legal departments face a messy and mutating maze of regulations and a bigger workload. As the work expands, three options emerge: Hire more lawyers,...

Legal Operations

Deliver Conference ROI in Four Steps

Four practical tips for Legal Departments to make the most of the lessons and expertise delivered at the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium’s 2018...

Legal Operations

Advancing Strategy or Fighting Fires?

Legal operations provides a surprisingly straightforward solution: Track your activity, measure its strategic value, and make smart, data-driven...

Legal Operations

What CEOs Want from Legal Departments

Whether you report directly to the CEO or it's more dotted-line, it’s important to know what your executives and boards value most and how you can...

Tips and Tricks

Easy, high impact change for 2018

How do you quickly and easily change the way your corporate legal team operates for a more effective (and less stressful!) 2018?

Legal Tech

Aussie Legal Tech - Xakia at ACC

What is it like when legal tech innovators become sponsors? It turns out that being Australian in the U.S. is definitely an advantage!

Legal Department

How do legal teams define value?

Is the value added by a legal team defined by cost savings, value of matters worked on and risk avoided, or by the achievement of an organisation's...

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